LOW BUDGET SERIES: Tecno phones under N25,000

Tecno obviously is one prominent smartphone brand in Nigeria that most smart phone users love. Tecno has brought in smart phones into the Nigerian market to suit everyone's needs. Whether you are a game lover or selfie addict or perhaps you just want a phone that can perform basic tasks such as calling, texting and surfing the web, Tecno has you covered.

How to make your own gif animation from a YouTube video

If you have been making GIF animations, you will know that it requires some knowledge of image editing programs like PhotoShop or you might have to use some web app but, the down side to this is that the image is sometimes disfigured by the Watermark added by the site. Now you can make you own GIF pictures from your video clips on YouTube. You can also make your GIF clips from other videos on YouTube provided the video is not copyright protected. You can now make your own GIF clip in less than a minute.

iPhone 6 Specification and features

image source: Business Insider
Apple has released its biggest smart phone ever! The iPhone 6 comes with Apple’s latest mobile OS (iOS 8). The new iPhone 6 comes with awesome features such as the amazing 4.7” display which is also the largest yet of any iPhone and the Mobile wallet.  And not forgetting the new security features such as the fingerprint scanner. The new device also comes with a 8mp camera and LED display. See full specs below.

8 awesome 3D Printed things around the web

3D printing seems to be gradually making it's way into the world tech industry. 3D printing is a new phase of production in the tech industry, with 3D printers having the ability to print objects designed with some specific 3d printing softwares. 3D printers have been recently known to print plastic and metalic objects and this is reallygoing to change the way we look at production these days. this is indeed a revolution in the tech industry.
Personally, i love this new idea of designing anything and having a 3D print them for me in their real form. I have gathered 8 amazing 3D printed objects I found on the internet that will blow your mind.
Check them out.


What do you think about 3D printing?

How to Set up a reliable PC

Last time, I wrote a post on 4 things to consider beforebuying a used laptop. After you must have got your laptop or desktop, whether new or used one, you still have to do some things to make sure it serves you well, such as choosing an operating system and installing the right software and applications. It’s important to make sure that your computer has all the necessary software it needs to serve the purpose for which you got it.

Useful App: How to Make your 10/15MB last on Android and reduce data consumption


Millions of people all over the world today use android phones. If you read the 10 things I love about Android post I wrote some time ago, you will see that one of the things I mentioned was that the android OS gives you a good web browsing experience.

How to get a good brand new Android phone for just N6500

Since Tecno started making smart phones running android platform, Android phones have taken over the Nigerian Smart phone market. Tecno has really made smart phones more affordable than ever and I thought Tecno had the most affordable smart phones until last month when I stumbled on a new Android smart phone called MBO 620. I couldn’t believe what I saw; a lady had just bought the smart and was at an outlet to have android applications installed on it. I liked the phone the moment I saw it so I asked how much she bought it and I was surprised when she said N6500. I took a closer look at the phone and found out it was an Android OS phone called MBO 620. Although it’s Android 2.3 OS but it’s a pretty cool phone. Four days later, I went back to buy the phone at computer village, Ikeja.

Meet the Nokia ASHA “ICE” family; specs, prices and more

Note:  you can get any of these devices @ SLOT Nigeria LTD. 19Ayeni Street, Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos.

Nokia ASHA 500 (Hyper Social)
The Nokia 500 is built for quality web surfing experience for all internet lovers. For those who like the web, Nokia ASHA phones Xpress browser compresses your data. Which makes internet access on your mobile phone cheaper and faster. The Nokia 500 has an accurate data counter to help you know how much data you have used.

The International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition is here again

Fasten up your seat belts in the bumpy ride through 2014 and be prepared for some unbelievable amazement in the world of technological inventions this year. Tech companies are working on top gear this year and the competition is very hot and is getting hotter by the day. Prepare to have your mind blown for real.
ITEX is an international platform for local and international research scientists and inventors showcase their inventions and innovations. This year ITEX will be holding its 25th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition organized by MINDS (Malaysian Invention and Design Society). The Annual event which started since 1989 attracts inventors with their latest inventions and innovations from research institutions, Universities, individual inventors, young inventors and business organizations from Malaysia, Europe and Asia.